Tommorow it’s my 12th birthday. I’m so excited! I wonder what I will get. Then on the weekend I will have my party. I made cupcakes with my Nan and I’m going out for tea then I get an ice-cream cake when I have my party at fun city. 

Bye Ella!

Substitute Teacher


Ella here I’m back. Mr B has gone away on a holiday for two months, so we have Mr Mepham. He really nice. Do you know that right now Mr B is in Paris sightseeing. He’s probbobly looking at the Eifle Tower right now. We’ve also started a new project called spend a million it’s really fun. Sorry GOT TO GO!



Canberra camp was so much fun we went to Parliament House, Old Parliament House, Mt Ainslie, Questacon, Rock Climbing, The National Museum, The pool, Aqua run, War Memorial, Zoo and some others. Anyway it was so much fun………

Apart from the bus trip. The bus trip was so boring anyway BYE! :]

Year 6

Hi this is my first post for 2016 and I’m finally I’m in year six! I’m with all my friends and i have the best teacher Mr Burness. I really think this year will be a good one. I can’t wait to get our grade six tops they’re going to be soooo cool! Grade six is going to be sooooooooo much fun!


This term grade fives are studying Australian identity. During this past couple of weeks we have been learning about refugees and asylum seekers. We have done multiple activities around these topics. Including a simulated asylum seeker game. Where we had to go to the migration office as asylum seekers and we were trying to get into Australia. We also went for a walk down to the river and were imagining what it was like 50 thousand years ago. We even had Asher and Habib come from the Refugee council of Australia come and talk to us about refugees, persecution. Habib even told us his story when he was an asylum seeker from Afghanistan and about his journey to Australia.

Here are some pictures from those days.





Friday 28th of August


It’s Ella here Friday was so much fun I came dressed as a devil from the book the good little devil and other tales by Pierre Gripari. I was in group 27 and had the teachers Miss Patison, Miss Sofi and Miss Thompson. The best activity was in Miss Sofi’s class were we made these special sort of bookmarks.

Guess what? On that exact same day Danielle and I finally received our picture story book from the competition we won. That was the very first time we saw it. It was awesome! We even got to meet the mayor and some of his assistants read the book to the whole school. I felt so happy and proud
listening to them read it. It was also very cute watching the little kids join in and try to guess which animal lived where. Also earlier that day the Shepp News came to take our photos and two days later what do you know we were in the paper.
Altogether Friday was a very, very fun day.

Bye, Ella


Information summary

For a summarising skill I had to write a tweet. Tweets can only contain up to 140 characters. So here’s a couple of summarys about tortoises and turtles.

 The largest turtle is the leatherback. Its shell can grow up to two point four metres long and can weigh up to a whopping 867 kilograms.”

Here is my second tweet.

 Turtles and tortoises are ancient reptiles that have been around for over 2m years. They are related to lizards, snakes and crocodiles.”



Information: Tortoises and Turtles by Sally Morgan.                           Page 4 and 5.                                                                                              Photo:





I’ve just finished the cruel stages of NAPLAN! I think I did pretty well, but you never know. When you do NAPLAN you always get butterflies and get scared literally everyone does. We had four tests; numeracy, writing, reading and language conventions. I’ve got to admit NAPLAN wasn’t fun but at least I made it through it.

See you next time with another blog post. Hopefully.